What’s In The Resource Studio

The Resource Studio is not a museum. Samples are in the space for your to use. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s effective.  The brief Video Tour linked here might help provide a better idea as to the scope of the collection.

Carpet Collection
CARPET :  There are several hundred books and full-sized samples, with the extra deep shelves allow for carpet tile samples to be kept below the books. Both the samples and books can be taken for use on projects.
Two of the Tile Sample Racks
TILE : Five custom display racks containing more than 500 large format samples.  There are also a large number of small format and mosaic samples for designers to reference.  All samples are available for designers to take, and return of samples is not required.


Laminate Racks
Laminate Racks : There are nine laminate display boards representing 8 manufacturers.  There are additional specialty laminate binders in the collection.


Resilient & Wood Flooring
Resilient & Wood Flooring : In addition to the large number of resilient flooring and wood flooring books, most manufacturers have several sample bins, allowing designer to take samples for the projects, or to evaluate with their palettes.


Upholstery & Wallcovering
There are nine racks of textile and wallcovering books, hang-sets and memo bins. Manufacturers include groups such as DesignTex, HBF, Innovations, Koroseal, Maharam, MDC, Pallas, Pollack, Stinson, Wolf Gordon and many others.

Solid Surfacing
All major and mid-level manufacturers, including Corian, Zodiaq, LG, Hanstone, Cambria, Silestone, Dekton, Avonite, and Wilsonart.

Decorative Glass & Acrylic/Resin
A wide range of decorative glass from companies such as Bendheim, McGrory, and Pulp amongst others; and decorative acrylic/resin from groups such as Lumicor, 3-Form and Acrylite.

Wood Veneer
There are literally several hundred wood veneer samples in the collection, most from the preeminent vendors, such as Bohlke, Brogan, Dooge, and International Wood.